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Indexable insert for aluminum


Our cemented carbide and ceramic cutting tools are widely used in high-end equipment manufacturing, molds, automotive parts, aerospace equipment, marine parts, military supporting industries and so on.
Our company has spray granulation column, low pressure sintering furnace, high-precision 3R mold forming machine, automatic blade machine, tool grinding and processing center,as well as a full set of high-end testing equipment such as material hardness, density, strength, high-definition metallography, UMT-3 friction and wear testing machine, high-precision appearance and size inspection instrument. 
Any kinds of inserts you need, we could do it for you. We have different inserts with different grooves used in different materials, for example, for aluminium, for steel, for stainless steel, for cast iron, and so on. Any demand please feel free to let me know, we could do customized tools for you.